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Indoor-Outdoor Decorating


When decorating your home, don't forget about your outdoor living spaces! If you enhance your outdoor spaces as much as your indoor spaces, you’ll gain a look that makes it easy to glide effortlessly from indoors to outdoors and back. 

You may find that you use your outdoor space more, whether it’s a deck, terrace, garden or large backyard! 

Focus on beauty, as well as function, for your outdoor living elements, so they don’t look like an afterthought, but rather a design style that’s coordinated with your interior décor.

A concrete patio with view into the dining room. Blend your indoor and outdoor spaces by using the same materials. Here both spaces have concrete floors.


So many materials work well both for indoors and out, including teak, stainless steel, rattan, wicker, easy-care fabrics, glass and more.

Some design ideas to link your adjacent indoor and outdoor spaces include:

  • Use similar colors, materials and styles inside and out

  • Introduce a few soft surfaces outdoors, such as rugs, throw pillows and soft upholstery

  • Add matching accent pieces indoors and out, including table linens, lanterns, candles and flower arrangements

A dining room with view to the outside living space; both have blue accents. Color coordinate your indoor and outdoor pillows and upholstery.

More ideas to consider

  • Hang soft, translucent window fashions that make the outdoors look closer

  • Plan adequate sun covering outdoors, using umbrellas, awnings or a built shading structure, so you’re willing to keep the windows and window treatments open without sun damage to furniture and floors

  • Use ceramic stools, durable tables and easy-clean dining chairs that you can move in and out as the need arises

Bring your outdoor and indoor living spaces together for summer relaxation with family and friends.

A living room with sheer window coverings. Translucent window coverings make the outdoors look closer.

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